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Chip Mong Enrichment Program 

The Chip Mong Enrichment Program is a capacity and leadership building program for Chip Mong Scholarship grantees over four academic years.

Under the Enrichment Program, Chip Mong offers 5 training modules: Positive Mental Attitude; Presentation Skills; Public Speaking Skills; Project …


The Best of Me 

An annual high school outreach program, ‘The Best of Me” is designed to equip students with the right mindset for personal growth and to share relevant tips as they prepare themselves to succeed in their higher education and careers. The …


Chip Mong Scholarship 

Chip Mong believes in the need to contribute to the development of human resources in Cambodia. In addition to the annual provision of scholarships to thousands of less fortunate students around the country, Chip Mong currently invests in a scholarship …


School Renovation 

An initiative of Khmer Beverages, the basic infrastructure of schools throughout Cambodia is being steadily improved to provide a better learning environment for teachers and students. In 2018, we renovated infrastructures at 4 schools in Phnom Penh and 6 in …