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The Leading Retailer in the Heart
of Each Community We Serve.

Chip Mong Retail, a new Chip Mong business unit, is creating a position for itself at the forefront of Cambodia’s retail market. Chip Mong Retail’s portfolio includes mega malls, shopping malls, community malls, supermarkets, express marts and other modern retail formats that serve the needs of the Cambodian people, simultaneously supporting the country’s robust economic development.

Our vision is to become the leading retailer in the heart of each community we serve. Chip Mong Retail has opened Chip Mong Supermarket Monivong on Monivong Boulevard, Chip Mong Supermarket Eden Garden, Chip Mong Supermarket Noro Mall, Chip Mong Express Boeung Salang on Street 271 and Chip Mong Supermarket Noro Mall on Norodom Boulevard. In the near future, there will be Chip Mong Noro Mall, Chip Mong Bak Touk Center, Chip Mong Sen Sok Mall, Chip Mong 271 Mega Mall and Chip Mong 598 Mall.


Chip Mong Shopping Mall

The Chip Mong Group has broken ground for 6 retail centers, with construction activities already in full swing. Two of these, Chip Mong Noro Mall and Chip Mong Bak Touk Commercial Center, opened in late-2019, with Chip Mong Sen Sok Mall and Chip Mong 598 Mall slated to open in mid-2020. Chip Mong 271 Mega Mall comes onboard in mid-2021, while Chip Mong Tower will be launched in 2022. The 45-storey Chip Mong Tower will host the Fairfield Marriott Hotel, 9 floors of Grade A office space and a retail platform.

Chip Mong Supermarket

Chip Mong Supermarkets is a fast-growing retail sector in Cambodia. Chip Mong Supermarket will be opened in every Chip Mong Shopping Malls thanks to the synergy with Chip Mong Mall and Chip Mong Land. Chip Mong Supermarket offers the widest range of local and imported by guarantee the best quality and the best price of the products to meet the customers’ modern shopping experience. By the end of 2020, Chip Mong Supermarket have at lease 7 more store to be open and many more in the pipeline. Chip Mong Supermarket provides a brand new concept of modern retail stores.

Chip Mong Express

Chip Mong Express is another type of convenience stores of Chip Mong providing wide range of local and imported products. Chip Mong Express are very committed on the quality of the products for customers particularly for the fresh products to meet customers’’ modern shopping experience.



Chip Mong Moro Mall, Norodom Blvd(Corner str. 360 and str.370), Boeung Keng Kang I, Chamkamorn, Phnom Penh, Cambodia