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Chip Mong Virtual Career Orientation (3rd Session) 

Join our virtual career orientation “Chip Mong, Your Employer of Choice” to directly connect with experts in various fields and explore vacancies at Chip Mong and its business units.

Featured speakers

Be inspired by expert speakers in banking, human resources, business, and more.

Panelist Speakers

BOREI Sylyvann

Senior Manager of Corporate Communications, Chip Mong

HONG Sokleng

Senior Vice President of Business Banking, Chip Mong Bank

TENG Koytry

Senior Manager of Sales, Chip Mong Land

KHOUCH Ratanak

General Manager, Chip Mong Industries

Speakers in Parallel Session

MATHY Endravid

Manager of Group Talent Acquisition, Chip Mong

LUN Vathana

HR and Admin Manager, Khmer Beverages

TES Rady

HR and Admin Manager, Chip Mong Land

NHEL Leakhena

HR and Admin Manager, Chip Mong Industries


Asst. Manager of Talent Acquisition, Chip Mong Bank

IE Sevling

Manager of HR and Administration, Chip Mong Retail

Event agenda

Panel x Parallel Session
  • 09:30 – Event starts
  • 09:35 – Open Remarks
  • 09:40 – Corporate Video
  • 09:55 – Display Video Message from Chip Mong’s Group President
  • 10:00 – Presentation on “Why Chip Mong Should be the Employer of Choice?”
  • 10:10 – Quiz Session (Include Prize)
  • 10:25 – Panel Discussion
  • 11:25 – Qs & As Session
  • 11:35 – Parallel Session with HR Managers of Chip Mong and business units

Why should you join this event?

You will get benefits as follows
  1. Career opportunities during the pandemic
  2. Q&A Session with panelist
  3. Play fun quiz to win prizes (top 100)
  4. Career tip-sharing from HR managers
  5. E-certificate for Zoom registered participants

E-certificate sample

Participants must stay until the end of the event and complete all activity agendas to get this certificate by email.

Who should join this event?

  • University Student
  • Fresh Graduates
  • Anyone interested to work for Chip Mong

How to join this event?

  1. Register via Zoom
  2. Attend the event (Check your email for meeting ID and passcode)

Participants in previous session

1st Session 500+Participants
2nd Session 1400+Participants

Our 2nd Session

Our 1st Session


Q: Why don’t I receive the E-certificate?

A: There are two reasons for not getting E-certificate:

  1. You have registered (Zoom) with the wrong email
  2. You didn’t fully participate in the event (attend less than 30mn)