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Chip Mong Purchases First Bell 429 Helicopter in Cambodia

Chip Mong Purchases First Bell 429 Helicopter in Cambodia 

Chip Mong purchased Bell 429 helicopter from Textron Inc, a leading aviation industry based in America.

“The acquisition of the state-of-the-art Bell 429 demonstrates Chip Mong’s confidence in the Bell aircraft to serve our growing businesses. This Bell 429 combined with the other two Bell 505s in our fleet will allow us to serve our customers in the hospitality and real estate industry” said Neak Oknha Leang Meng, group president of Chip Mong.

Neak Oknha Leang Meng added that it would also substantially contribute to Cambodia’s economic growth in line with the development efforts and guidance of the Cambodian government.

Chip Mong has previously ordered two helicopters, the Bell UX-505 and the Bell UX-506​ for serving the business purpose.